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Born in Kentucky, Tess was my first horse. After failing at the track (she finished near last in her only two races), Tess sat in a pasture for at least a year. A friend found her for me at a Keeneland sale in Kentucky, picked her up, gave her downtime and TLC, and put basic groundwork on her.

I bought Tess from my friend in January 2011 with the hopes of turning her into a local level hunter/jumper. I shipped her from Ohio to Amarillo, Texas, where I was working at the time, and then shortly after, shipped her to Houston when I moved home.

Tess checked every box of what I wanted – petite, bay Thoroughbred mare. But after two and a half years of hunter/jumper training, we determined Tess would much rather be in a western saddle.

I traded Tess for Sabra in June 2013. I lost track of Tess when the person I sold her to resold her, but last I heard, she was a broodmare. I hope she’s safe and happy.