Transformation tuesday

After years of my site basically sitting dormant, I’ve decided to bring it back to life and capture the adventures of Sabra and me. Hopefully the site will grow into something more than just a blog, but in the meantime, let’s start simple.

To kick it off, let’s start with a popular theme I’ve always wanted to do, Transformation Tuesday. So, here’s Sabra last June, when I first got her, after our first lesson together. The second photo is of Sabra this past Saturday; she’d just gotten a bath in preparation for the GCHSA show at SBEC. There’s almost exactly a year between the two photos.

Big difference, right? Even as we work to build muscle and strengthen her topline and hind end, Sabra stays calm and cheerful. She’s been so easy to train because she always says, “Okay!”, no matter what I ask of her… unless I ask her to stay clean. That’s pretty much impossible.

So, show me your transformed Thoroughbreds. Do you own a neat-freak, or do you have one who likes to roll and sleep laying down as much as mine?

Sabra, June 2013, after our first lesson


Sabra, June 2014


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