Let the jumper transformation begin!

During our lesson a couple of weeks ago, my trainer recommended we switch to jumpers after we finish this season. It’s a good idea, since Sabra is a cute jumper and decent mover, but can’t really compete with the fancy warmbloods. It was my eventual goal anyway – I planned to introduce her to showing in the hunter ring, where we could learn to relax and listen, and then eventually switch. She’s progressed quite a bit in a little over a year, and we’ve learned that Sabra is a clean jumper who will leave from anywhere, so jumpers should be fun! Plus, we’ll get to wear fun colors.

With that in mind, this past weekend we went to the Dover Saddlery opening of their new store. I have an ongoing list of things I want, but am on a real budget right now, so stuck with the essentials – namely, a new show shirt and gloves. Ear bonnets were on sale, and my mom is going to figure out how to crochet them, so I bought one to use as an example. I want one with rhinestones instead the tassels eventually, though!

Here’s Sabra trying it on yesterday. Can you guess what our colors are?

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