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Small horse, big hops

In lessons and on my own, we jump anywhere from 2’3″ to 3’3″. We’ve become extremely consistent on the flat; Sabra is quiet, soft and relaxed. She stays that way when we warm up over singles, as long as I ask her to down transition as soon as we land. When we start jumping lines or courses, Sabra “wakes up” —… Read more →

Executing the plan

I hadn’t shown since early May, so we were super excited to get back to the jumper ring. Plus, the prize money for the Timed First Jump-Off had been upped, so as long as we placed first, second or third, we earned our money back plus extra. Sweet! GHHJA | 2’6″ Itty Bitty Jumpers | GSWEC Goals: Execute the plan — turns… Read more →

What’s our tack set-up?

As training and your horse progress, sometimes your tack set-up will change, too. For Sabra and I, our tack has been pretty consistent for more than a year and a half. I’m not sure what brand her bridle is; I bought it at Charlotte’s because it was affordable, haha. Her bit is a Korsteel Tom Thumb Jointed Pelham, which we… Read more →

More saddle woes

Here we are again — my saddle has fallen in the front, making me feel like I’m riding downhill (on my uphill horse, mind you). For the past three weeks, I’ve corrected the issue by riding with a front lift pad, which fixes it for now, but is not a permanent solution. It’s frustrating because: I paid too much money for… Read more →

Fixing our (my) drift to the left

My trainer and I decided that, as much fun as it would be and as beautiful a venue as Pine Hill is (especially in this weather!), it would be in Sabra’s and my best interest to skip the GHHJA show at Pine Hill and focus on getting ready for our jumper debut at the GHHJA show in November. It would’ve… Read more →

Saddle woes

In 2001, I bought my first saddle, a Collegiate Ruiz Diaz All-Purpose, at the Charlotte’s Saddlery fall sale. It was my first major purchase. Here’s me sitting in it on Charley at a schooling show (circa 2005), in between our itty bitty jumper rounds.               At the time, I wanted to do a bit… Read more →