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Schooling jumper debut

For our first show of the season, we returned to Pine Hill for the first time in two years. After debating for the past month or two between doing the schooling jumpers (3′) or the junior/adult jumpers (3’3″), we decided to play it safe and do the schooling jumpers. Special thanks to the bf for videoing my rounds and to… Read more →

2015 Goal Recap

How did Sabra and I do in accomplishing our 2015 goals? After competing only five out of 12 weekends, Sabra and I finished fourth out of 26 horses that competed for points (other riders and horses showed, but didn’t register their points) in the GHHJA Year-End Standings for the Itty Bitty Jumper Division. I think we could’ve finished higher if… Read more →

Ups and downs

The saddle fitter came out a month ago, and made a HUGE difference. She basically re-flocked my saddle from scratch because the balance was totally off. The way the previous fitters were adjusting it, she said, were never going to be a permanent fix. She was by far the most knowledgeable fitter, and evaluated my goals and Sabra’s build. She… Read more →

Transformation Tuesday: Look how we’ve grown

Quick, short entry today: Eight months ago, Sabra and I attended our first jumper show. When we walked the course, I remember trainer saying, “I’m not going to ask you to do this turn now, but soon, you will.” Check out the turn from jumps 4 to 5. Most people went all the way around the red vertical; I conservatively… Read more →

Executing the plan

I hadn’t shown since early May, so we were super excited to get back to the jumper ring. Plus, the prize money for the Timed First Jump-Off had been upped, so as long as we placed first, second or third, we earned our money back plus extra. Sweet! GHHJA | 2’6″ Itty Bitty Jumpers | GSWEC Goals: Execute the plan — turns… Read more →

Horse show recap + Sabra’s birthday

Before I recap this past weekend’s horse show, I have to wish Sabra a happy 8th birthday! Though Thoroughbreds all turn a year older on January 1 for racing purposes, today’s her actual birthday. 🙂 Anyway, the weather was perfect for horse showing, and we’ve been making good progress in our lessons lately, so it was shaping up to be… Read more →

Rockin’ the jumper ring

It was a cold, wet and dreary weekend, but we still had a blast at the second show of the season. I bathed and scrubbed Sabra clean after my lesson Wednesday, and then crossed my fingers that she stayed clean through the weekend. When I got there Friday night, she was still super white, yay! The show as huge — my… Read more →

Commitment issues

We headed back to Great Southwest Equestrian Center for the first show of the season, New Show/New Beginnings. It was cold, and I was excited that I got to use Sabra’s Christmas present, her navy fleece cooler. 🙂 GHHJA | 2’6″ Itty Bitty Jumpers | GSWEC Goals: Make tight turns and be competitive! Well, the show overall did not go… Read more →

To jumper land we go!

Last weekend, we went to our last show of the year, Fall Harvest/Fall Finale, at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center. It was Sabra’s first time in the jumpers, second time at GSWEC and third GHHJA show. We’d been practicing jumpers for a little less than a month, mostly on turns and adjustability with main trainer and new assistant trainer, P… Read more →