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2015 Goal Recap

How did Sabra and I do in accomplishing our 2015 goals? After competing only five out of 12 weekends, Sabra and I finished fourth out of 26 horses that competed for points (other riders and horses showed, but didn’t register their points) in the GHHJA Year-End Standings for the Itty Bitty Jumper Division. I think we could’ve finished higher if… Read more →

Small horse, big hops

In lessons and on my own, we jump anywhere from 2’3″ to 3’3″. We’ve become extremely consistent on the flat; Sabra is quiet, soft and relaxed. She stays that way when we warm up over singles, as long as I ask her to down transition as soon as we land. When we start jumping lines or courses, Sabra “wakes up” —… Read more →

What’s our tack set-up?

As training and your horse progress, sometimes your tack set-up will change, too. For Sabra and I, our tack has been pretty consistent for more than a year and a half. I’m not sure what brand her bridle is; I bought it at Charlotte’s because it was affordable, haha. Her bit is a Korsteel Tom Thumb Jointed Pelham, which we… Read more →

Tidy rollbacks

The rain in Texas this year has been relentless, but luckily the footing in each of the arenas has held up really well. We’ve been lessoning and schooling in the two smaller arenas the past couple of weeks, though, because (1) it’s been hot and humid as all get-out, and the side arena has more shade and the covered arena… Read more →

Standing around can be fun, too

It’s hard being an adult amateur rider. It’s hard juggling and balancing a work schedule with riding, much less everything else — spending time with family, friends and the boyfriend, and doing boring grownup tasks, such as laundry, grocery shopping, etc.   So when I get to the barn, most days it’s at night, after work, after dark — and I want… Read more →

What a difference a year makes

When I first got Sabra, she was uncoordinated and unbalanced. We had to shave off the corners at the trot and the canter, and she couldn’t trot a circle without practically falling over. Here she is about a year ago:   You can see her feet are a bit all over the place, and her nose bounces up and down… Read more →