What’s our tack set-up?

As training and your horse progress, sometimes your tack set-up will change, too. For Sabra and I, our tack has been pretty consistent for more than a year and a half.

Sabra in her bridle

Sabra’s bridle

I’m not sure what brand her bridle is; I bought it at Charlotte’s because it was affordable, haha. Her bit is a Korsteel Tom Thumb Jointed Pelham, which we definitely need when we’re jumping. Otherwise, I don’t have breaks!

Sabra wearing her saddle

Sabra’s saddle

For jumping, Sabra goes in a standing martingale, 48″ Henry de Rivel Advantage Chafeless girth (though a 46″ would fit her just fine, too), a square pad (I have navy, baby blue, maroon with black piping, maroon with white piping, hunter green, marmalade/sherbet orange and purple), and a 17″ MW Frank Baines Reflex close contact saddle (I’m actually a 16.5″, and the saddle has been adjusted to be more of a medium tree, but whatevs).

Sabra's boots

Sabra’s boots

Sabra goes in front and back navy Eskadron boots. For shows or funsies, I also have quite the collection of fly bonnets; there are too many colors and patterns to list, much less remember, but I do have one (or multiple) for every color saddle pad.

When we flat, Sabra goes in the same saddle, pad, girth and boots, but in a loose-ring snaffle with no martingale. The first six months I owned her, I would lunge her in side reins for 10 minutes each direction before each ride so she could learn about contact from a steady source. I’ve only once ridden her in draw reins, which was about eight months after I first got her. I let her be used in the open and intermediate flat classes for an IHSA show (trainer coaches a university team), and our next lesson after the show, she wouldn’t quit flipping her head around. We put her in a snaffle, no martingale, with draw reins for 30 minutes so we could undo whatever she had learned from the IHSA show, haha. Since then, no gimmicks or special training equipment; we keep it really basic and simple. 🙂

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