More saddle woes

Here we are again — my saddle has fallen in the front, making me feel like I’m riding downhill (on my uphill horse, mind you). For the past three weeks, I’ve corrected the issue by riding with a front lift pad, which fixes it for now, but is not a permanent solution.

It’s frustrating because:

  1. I paid too much money for this saddle to not fit perfectly
  2. I, in fact, had the saddle rep come out and choose this saddle for Sabra and me in the first place
  3. Adding a half-pad cheapens the overall look, I think, and causes me to lose some feel of Sabra underneath me
  4. It will be the third time in a year that my saddle needs adjustments

We had the saddle rep come out a few weeks ago to look at it on Sabra, and then I went back and forth between the tack shop and barn, shuttling saddles, to troubleshoot the issue. Did the original saddle fit? Is the tree the right width? Were the three flocking appointments incorrect? Do I need a new saddle completely?

Here’s what we think happened: The original saddle and tree do appear to fit, but the flocking is so soft that it probably fell quite a bit. Then the fitter overflocked it, and then the last fitter pulled out all the extra flocking (maybe a little too much) and it resettled again.

The saddle fitter comes out Wednesday to adjust my saddle again. I’m skeptical, but hopefully it will finally be fixed correctly once and for all — just in time for the horse show next weekend.

If not, I’m bracing myself to either 1. find yet another fitter to adjust the flocking again or 2. spring for a shimmable half-pad. I’ve already started researching and looking for the thinnest half-pads. Any suggestions?

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